Aqua Medic Blue Reef 2000

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These new systems share a common combined filter and sump of moulded acrylic. The unit is completely enclosed and is maintained through two large sliding doors. This enclosed construction minimizes evaporation and
reduces the humidity build up inside the aquarium cabinet. The inbuilt filter tower system comprises a drawer with a mechanical filter mat and a bio-filter. The drawer can be removed for cleaning or changing the filter mat without interrupting the water flow. The filter sump is part of a modular system of which Blue Reef 1000, Blue Reef 2000 and Blue Malawi 1000 are three variants.
Tank dimensions: (l x w x h) 82 x 47.5 x 60 cm (c. 32.2” x 18.6” x 23.62)

The Blue Reef 2000 comprises the following components:
- Filter sump with filter tower including the patented drawer and biofilter, filled with Bactoballs.
- Turboflotor 5000 Shorty protein skimmer, to be installed beside the sump
- Ocean Runner OR 6500 circulation pump, to be installed beside the sump
- There is sufficient space within the sump to install other components such as the Nitratreductor NR 1000 or Calcium reactor KR 1000 (not supplied)
Pipework connections to the aquarium: 32 mm flow, 50mm return.
Ready for the connection of a Refugium.